Skateboarders enjoying a day at the Venice Beach skatepark

World’s Largest Skateparks

Created in the 1950s as an alternative for surfers when waves were flat, skateboarding has steadily grown from its early days. In fact, it's become popular worldwide backed by a multi-billion dollar industry. Part of the growing popularity of "sidewalk surfing" is attributed to skate parks of all shapes and sizes. Skateparks first appeared in … Continue reading World’s Largest Skateparks

One of the most famous tech gadgets:First IBM personal computer with keyboard on display at the Computer History Museum

Computer History Museum: Famous Computers and Gadgets

If you love historical computers and famous gadgets, then you should visit the Computer History Museum (CHM). Not only is the CHM one of Silicon Valley’s top attractions, it also holds one of the world’s largest collections of computer artifacts. Equally important is its location in Mountain View, one of the prominent communities that helped … Continue reading Computer History Museum: Famous Computers and Gadgets