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About The Reliefband Sport

So just what is the Reliefband Sport and what does it do? It’s an innovative wearable device that can help prevent nausea and vomiting symptoms. Moreover, its technology is based upon over 20 years of clinical research and is FDA approved. To that end, I think this product would have been a far safer option to the anti-medications I reluctantly had to use. If that wasn’t enough, it doesn’t cause any drowsiness nor have any side effects.

How It Works

The device has two electrical contacts that emit pulses to a nerve that travel along your forearm. These pulses further travels to the part of the brain that controls nausea. At the same time, signals are being sent to the stomach, which can reduce symptoms of nausea.

ReliefBand has been FDA approved and can provide for mild to moderate symptoms of nausea and vomiting associated with several medical conditions. This includes morning sickness, chemotherapy, motion sickness, sea sickness anxiety and yes, even hangovers.

The IPX7 waterproof device can also provide relief from physician-diagnosed migraines and post-operative symptoms. If that’s not enough, it’s been proven to help with air sickness, amusement park rides, train sickness and gaming. On the other hand, the device has a 85 percent success rate, based upon clinical trials. In other words, it may not help everyone. Still, past reviews from several consumers and tech writers from previous models appear to be largely positive.

What’s In The Box

Out of the small box, Reliefband Sport comes with a magnetic USB charger, rechargeable battery, wristband and foldable manual. On one side of the manual is an easy-to-understand quick start guide with full color images. On the other side is more detailed information, including safety info and troubleshooting. Additionally, the box also carries a 7.5 ml (.25 oz.) tube of conductivity gel. A dab of this hypo-allergenic gel should be applied to inside of the wrist.

How To Use The Reliefband Sport

Reliefband Sport must first be fully charged until all six LED lights are illuminated green. Then add gel to the underside portion of the wrist, between two tendons. Once the device and band are comfortably in place, press the middle button to power on.

After powering on, you’ll notice blue pulsing lights. By pressing once more, you’ll reach the first of six levels. You might feel a little tingle and by pressing up to the next levels, becomes more noticeable. Keep pressing until you reach the desired level. The recommendation is to keep the device on as long as you have symptoms.

If you think you’ll have motion sickness caused by airplanes, trains, boats etc. place the device on 30 minutes prior. A fully charged battery can last up to 30 hours of continuous use at a mid-level setting.

Features I’d Like To See

Although I believe the Reliefband Sport to be an excellent consumer product, there are some improvements I’d like to see. First, I’d like to see a slightly longer USB charging cable. As I noted previously, the cable slipped off several times. Even more, I’d like to see a longer wristband, even though it’s designed to fit wrists size from 5.5 to 9.5 inches.


Despite some personal reservations, I highly recommend the wearable Reliefband Sport. On a scale between 1 and 10, I’d give it a 9+. Although I’ve been primarily a travel writer for several years, I’ve also published several tech reviews. And because some gadgets I’ve reviewed were, should I say clunkers, have turned down a like number of products. But thankfully, Reliefband Sport is one of those exceptions. It delivers its promise and has great value, especially given the incalculable benefits it can provide.

Availability and Price

The Reliefband Sport is priced at $229.99 and available now from

Additional Reliefband Products

Fresh off the official release, Reliefband Sport joins a line of other highly rated wearables from the Pennsylania tech company. This includes the Reliefband Premier ($229.99) and Reliefband Classic ($129.99). Of course, there’s another affordable option, Reliefband 48 Hour ($79.99) albeit in limited release.

Another excerpt from a health story:

Just as the cruise industry was regaining “steam”, the Omicron variant began to spread. Because of this, cruise ships worldwide were severely impacted or cancelled altogether. Moreover, are recent reports of coronavirus outbreaks onboard some cruise lines. Although this may be true, leading cruise lines like Princess Cruises are taking additional precautions to protect its passengers.

Before You Can Get Aboard

All cruise lines are observing certain health protocols. Although these protocols are subject to change, some standards will be in place indefinitely. For instance, you must have received your final doses of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before departure. Even further, you must have proof of vaccination status, whether it’s a card or on an app. In addition, you must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within two days of departure.

What If You Haven’t Received Your Test Results

In light of the Christmas holidays, COVID-19 tests were administered in large numbers. For this reason, testers were notably busier to keep up with the demand. Further complicating matters is having to wait for the test results to come back. However, if you do not receive your test results by the day of departure, there will be staff to test you.

Take Advantage Of Cruise Ship Technology

Many top cruise lines use branded apps to enhance your onboard experience. For example, some apps allow you keyless entry into your cabin. Other functions allow you to make purchases, creating a boarding pass or book excursions. Although these apps functions are largely standard across cruise lines, Princess Cruises has something different.

Princess Cruises Medallion App

What may eventually become standard across cruise lines is the Princess OceanMedallion. Featured only on Princess Cruises, the OceanMedallion is a wearable device that performs functions like an app. Yet in this case, you wear the device with a complimentary lanyard. OceanMedallion allows you to unlock your stateroom door handsfree, make purchases and more. Complementing the device is the MedallionClass app, as well as an assortment of optional accessories.

Enhanced Health Safety Measures

Just last week, Princess Cruises implemented additional health safety measures to protect passengers. That is to say that higher grade face masks, like KN95 are required. Additionally, you are required to wear masks indoors and outdoors. Princess Cruises also introduced a smoking ban inside ship casinos. Instead, smokers must use a designated area elsewhere on the ship.

Keep Your Mask On

In an effort to keep you and others safe, you are required to keep your mask regardless if you indoors or outdoors. Of course, there are exceptions, such as when you’re eating or drinking. You can also use the pool or hot tub without a mask, in addition to facial treatments. However, those policies may change. Be sure to wear a surgical or KN95 mask onboard but be wary of counterfeit masks. For further protection, you can wear 3M N95 mask and a disposable mask on top of it.

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