Dog Inspired Songs For Your Summer Music Playlist

cute labrador dog sitting in front of a Jeep

  It’s the dog days of summer and the best and safest way to travel during this unusual year is by car. But if you’re planning a road trip, you should also have a great music playlist to keep everyone entertained during the ride. And if some dogs are coming along, why not include a […]

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Road Trip 2020: 10 Songs To Add To Your Summer Music Playlist

Open road photography courtesy of Diego Jimenez via Unsplash

      With many people eager to get away this summer, it’s clear that among the safest ways to travel is via a road trip. But for most travelers, no exploration on the open road is complete without great music, especially songs that keep drivers alert and passengers entertained. Not everyone will agree with […]

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10 Rock Songs For Sheltering in Place or Social Distancing

Picture of young lady laying down with headphones on a pink background

  It’s clear that in today’s world, not everyone listens to rock music. But when trying to create a playlist for social distancing or sheltering, the most obvious songs are just that – rock songs. What’s more, each of these revered classics come with catchy videos that make it even more worthwhile to listen to. […]

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