Boats docked at Old Alexandria Harbor in Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia Public Transportation

When many travelers come to Washington DC, they’ll often include a trip to Arlington, Virginia. For instance, they might want to see Arlington National Cemetery and the US Marine Corps War Memorial. Of course, there is also the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial at the Pentagon. But Alexandria, Virginia shouldn’t be overlooked as a side trip … Continue reading Alexandria, Virginia Public Transportation

View of the Big Sur wilderness from a room at Ventana Big Sur

Best Rooms With A View In America

When booking rooms from a hotel, what’s among the first things you're looking for? A comfortable bed is certainly a must as well as great customer service. Of course, you'll need modern conveniences like a TV and a reliable Wi-Fi service. But how good can a room be when it has just has a backside … Continue reading Best Rooms With A View In America