Packing Smart For Weekend Adventures



There’s nothing really much better than heading out on a weekend adventure to simply get away from it all. After all, you could visit someplace refreshingly new and while you’re at it, work on improving your overall fitness and well being. Indeed, the health benefits associated with getting out the house to travel are hard to ignore, such as reducing your level of stress, improving your mood and feeling recharged once you get back home. But whether you’re hitting the road for the weekend or taking a quick flight out of town, there are certain items you should bring along for the trip, as well as a few other items that are best left at home. Here are a few tips to help you pack smarter for your next, well deserved weekend adventure.



Make A Checklist

A good habit to get into before packing for any length of trip is to make a checklist of all the items you want to bring along. By doing so, you’ll have a lesser chance of forgetting an essential item such as a phone charger or laptop power cord, while eliminating the unnecessary expense of purchasing a replacement. Although most items to include on a checklist seem fairly obvious, this process also allows you to decide what needs to be packed and what items are better left at home, such as a extra camera, expensive jewelry or other valuables. Among the other suggested items that should be included on the checklist are sunglasses, credit and/or debit cards, health insurance information and if applicable, prescription or over the counter medications. Additionally, you might want to make a separate checklist of tasks that need to be done before you leave, such as holding your mail, unplugging energy wasting electronics and turning off your thermostat.


Pack For The Weather

What you pack for your weekend adventure will greatly be determined by the type of weather you’re expected to have at your final destination. For instance, if you’re headed to a place that may have rainy or chilly conditions, you should pack a rain jacket and/or a fleece jacket, along with waterproof shoes. Additionally, you may also want to include an umbrella, a warm hat or beanie cap and moisture wicking fabrics to keep your body temperature regulated and your skin dry, such as polyester, rayon and familiar materials commonly used for activewear, like Gore-Tex and spandex. On the other hand, if a warm and sunny climate is expected, you’ll be able to pack items that will be less bulky, such as shorts, a windbreaker jacket and lightweight dresses. However, you should also pack moisture wicking clothing, especially if you plan to do some outdoor activities.


How To Pack

Regardless if you’re headed to the airport or you’re taking a road trip, you really should be able to pack everything in a single suitcase and a handbag, laptop case or backpack. If you have both a laptop and a tablet, you can save even more space and lighten your load by leaving the heavier laptop at home and take the just the lighter tablet, along with a high quality detachable keyboard such as those offered by Brydge for iPads and Surface Pros. This is especially true since you’re only going on a weekend adventure, not a month long excursion and you’re supposed to be enjoying the great outdoors rather than keeping yourself tuned in on a gadget. Since you’ve already decided what to bring, you should start packing at least a day or two in advance of just so you don’t have time consuming tasks at the last minute. Moreover, since it’s a short trip, you shouldn’t have too much trouble fitting all of your belongings in one suitcase and a smaller bag. Nevertheless, if space does pose an issue, try placing your second pair of shoes inside your luggage first, then roll your clothing before placing everything inside your luggage. Your clothes may be a little wrinkled after you unpack your items, but you might be surprised just how much space you can save by simply rolling your clothing. To save even more space, try placing smaller items inside your second pair of shoes.



Packing For A Road Trip

If you’re headed out on a road trip, you can keep your food expenses down by packing enough drinks and food for the weekend. Even if your destination is just a few hours away, you’ll save yourself some money by preparing some of your meals and dining in rather than dining at a restaurant for every meal. Among the items you might want to pack include are trail mix, fresh veggies like carrots and celery, homemade or store bought granola bars and freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Above all else, you should bring plenty of drinking water for yourself and everyone else on the trip. In fact, you should bring a little more than what you expect to drink, just as a preventative measure in case of an unexpected emergency. Other items you should also consider packing are a first aid kit, paper plates, paper towels and plastic utensils, music CDs and audiobooks and if children are coming along, plenty of things to keep them busy, such as games, books and a DVD player with DVD movies, and a tablet computer or e-reader and if it’s part of the budget, a mobile hotspot device (MiFi) such as those offered by Verizon Wireless.


Packing For The Airport

Packing for the airport shouldn’t be much different than packing for a road trip, a train trip or some other form of ground transportation. However, there are some very important distinctions associated with air travel, since you’re required to present a government issued ID in order to pass through the security checkpoint and you’ll have to have your printed or mobile boarding pass and if applicable your passport. Since you’re only leaving for the weekend, you shouldn’t have to bring more than one suitcase and a carry on bag. However, a good rule of thumb when space becomes an issue is to wear your heaviest jacket and heaviest pair of shoes.