Q&A With Kontactless CEO Gabriel Weisz

A closer look at Los Angeles-based Kontactless, provider of an innovative mobile payment platform that utilizes dynamic QR-code technology

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LendingTree Survey Shows 82 Percent Of Americans Will Splurge After Getting Vaccinated

After you get vaccinated for COVID-19, are you planning to splurge on something like a trip or fancy dinner? If so, you’re not alone. According to a recent study from LendingTree, more than 80 percent of people surveyed expect to have some sort of celebratory splurge after getting vaccinated. But not everyone is on board […]

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Five Of The Most Unusual Christmas Trees In America

The Tumbleweed Tree in Chandler

Christmas trees are easily among the most familiar symbols of the holiday season. Seen in cities and homes across the nation, Christmas trees are typically evergreen adorned with lights and sparkly decorations. But some America cities prefer a tree that connects with its local culture. Unsurprisingly, not all of these trees are evergreen or even […]

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Q&A With Nisreene Attassi – Host Of The Expedia Podcast “Out Travel The System”

Getting Ready to Listen to A Podcast On an iPhone

    The highly anticipated new season of the Expedia podcast “Out Travel The System” has finally launched. This means listeners can expect to enjoy more valuable travel advice from host Nisreene Atassi. Unveiled last September, “Out Travel The System” is an insightful podcast that features leading experts who discuss current trends and insider tips […]

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Discover A National Park By Boat

Dry Tortugas

    Do you want to visit a national park but don’t like crowds? Even in today’s environment, America’s national parks can be more crowded than you’d like. Instead, why not visit one of the least visited segments of the National Park System? In fact, did you know that some U.S. national parks can only […]

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AtmosAir Solutions CEO Steve Levine Talks About Bipolar Ionization Technology For The Travel Industry

    Bipolar ionization might not be a household term. But as the coronavirus continues to surge, this indispensable technology is rapidly gaining notice. Used in air purification products, bipolar ionization has actually been around for several years. However, more and more hotels, casinos, airports and sports venues are installing commercial products in an effort […]

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America’s Most Beautiful Hotel Lobbies

The staircase leading to The Jefferson Hotel's famous second level lobby in Richmond, Virginia

  Even with today’s uncertain environment, hotel lobbies are often the first impression for arriving guests. Whether it’s modern sophistication or Old World charm, the design of a lobby is often intended to set the tone of an entire stay. While some of these grand hotels are not yet open for summer, one can still […]

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Hotels Are Re-Opening: What Will Be Different This Summer

      As hotels across California begin to reopen, travelers will see important changes during their stay. Three months after lodging operators were forced to close, all forms of lodging will be able to resume business activities. But what can travelers expect when they arrive at their hotel? Take a look at some of […]

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10 Rock Songs For Sheltering in Place or Social Distancing

Picture of young lady laying down with headphones on a pink background

  It’s clear that in today’s world, not everyone listens to rock music. But when trying to create a playlist for social distancing or sheltering, the most obvious songs are just that – rock songs. What’s more, each of these revered classics come with catchy videos that make it even more worthwhile to listen to. […]

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Bikes, Pets and Sustenance: 10 More Essential Santa Cruz Businesses To Support Right Now

Store Closed due to shelter in place order

As Santa Cruz County trudges towards another month of shelter-in-place mandates, many local businesses are working as hard as ever to stay open. While gas stations and groceries stores are clearly essential services, other business need community support, particularly those that are locally owned and operated. This includes pet supply stores, a multitude of food […]

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