Hotels Are Re-Opening: What Will Be Different This Summer

      As hotels across California begin to reopen, travelers will see important changes during their stay. Three months after lodging operators were forced to close, all forms of lodging will be able to resume business activities. But what can travelers expect when they arrive at their hotel? Take a look at some of […]

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10 Rock Songs For Sheltering in Place or Social Distancing

Picture of young lady laying down with headphones on a pink background

  It’s clear that in today’s world, not everyone listens to rock music. But when trying to create a playlist for social distancing or sheltering, the most obvious songs are just that – rock songs. What’s more, each of these revered classics come with catchy videos that make it even more worthwhile to listen to. […]

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San Francisco Restaurants Available For No Contact Food Delivery and/or Curbside Pickup

With San Francisco restaurants struggling to stay in business due to the coronavirus, many are ramping up efforts to provide “no contact” food delivery and curbside pickups. While there remains a concern to maintain social distancing and the need to shelter in place, virtually every community small business and their employees need your support. The […]

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Coronavirus: How To Protect Yourself & Others Against COVID-19

World map of coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic as of March 13, 2020

On March 11, the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 is officially a pandemic (a worldwide spread of an infectious disease). Two days later, U.S. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the pandemic, which will provide additional resources and funding to help fight the disease. With the COVID-19 disease now spread to more […]

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