Top 2023 Beatles Attractions To See In Liverpool, England

If you’re a fan of the Beatles, have you thought about visiting Liverpool to see famous attractions like the Cavern Club? After all, it’s the hometown of the greatest rock band of all time and a bucket list destination for fans worldwide. While the best time to visit this historic seaport city may be during …

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The Beatles Statues near the River Mersey

If you’re a fan of the Beatles, have you thought about visiting Liverpool to see famous attractions like the Cavern Club? After all, it’s the hometown of the greatest rock band of all time and a bucket list destination for fans worldwide. While the best time to visit this historic seaport city may be during International Beatles Week, there’s always something going on all year. Even if you already know which Beatles attractions you just have to see, there may be some you’re not familiar with. Therefore, without any further delay here are the best Beatles attractions in the historic city of Liverpool, England.

The childhood home of Paul McCartney is a popular local attraction
20 Forthlin Road (credit: Randy Yagi)

Birthplace of the Beatles

20 Forthlin Road
Liverpool, L18 9TN, UK
+44 (0)3442491895

Unless you’re a hardcore Beatles fan, you might not recognize this address. On the other hand, if it’s known as the Birthplace of the Beatles, you’ll quickly realize it’s a significant attraction. Indeed, this is the former childhood home of Paul McCartney. During his time here, McCartney and John Lennon wrote songs that would become some of the Beatles’ earliest hits. For example, “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Love Me Do” and “She Loves You” are among the songs to launch the careers of the Fab Four. Despite its distance from the city center, this is one Beatles attraction you must not miss.

How To See 20 Forthlin Road

If you want to visit this famous home, you can book a tour through the National Trust. Alternatively, you can book a Magical Mystery Tour or the Blue Route with Liverpool City Sights, along with private taxi tours. However, the National Trust tour is far more extensive and allows you to visit inside this home. Nevertheless, the Magical Mystery Tour and Liverpool City Sights are both great options if you want to see many prominent Beatles attractions. You can board the Magical Mystery Tour or Liverpool City Sights at the Royal Albert Dock. As for the National Trust tour, you can meet the minibus at Liverpool South Parkway station. Please note that Liverpool South Parkway station is about six miles southeast of city center.

Casbah Coffee Club

8 Hayman’s Green
Liverpool L12 7JG, UK
44 7872 017473

Most every Beatle fan knows about the Cavern Club. But are you familiar with the Casbah Coffee Club? If not, then maybe you should, especially if you love all things Beatles. After all, this spot at Mona Best’s home is where George Harrison first performed with the Quarrymen. The young lead guitarist would then become a member of the Quarrymen, performing regularly at the Casbah. In other words, it’s been said that Casbah is where it all started. As you should know, Mona Best was the mother of original Beatles drummer Pete Best. Casbah Coffee Club offers tours of the “holy grail of the Beatles Trail”.  If you want to book a tour, you can call ahead or use the online messaging system.

How to Visit the Casbah Coffee Club

You have a few options if you want to visit the Casbah Coffee Club. For instance, you can catch a cab or Uber, as well as a public bus. A great places to catch a bus is Liverpool One or Queen Square station. Among the weekday and weekend bus routes that will take you close to the Casbah are 12, 13 and 18. In addition, you can take a private taxi tour with Mop Top Tours, Mad Day Tours or Fab 4 Taxi Tours. However, you should check with the operator to see how much time you can spend at the Casbah.

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The Eleanor Rigby statue is a Liverpool Beatles attraction
Eleanor Rigby Statue (credit: Randy Yagi)

Eleanor Rigby Statue

Stanley St.
Liverpool L1 6AA, UK

Throughout the historic Liverpool city center you’ll find several Beatles attractions. While you’ll want to visit the Cavern Club, just a short walk away is the Eleanor Rigby statue. As you probably know, Eleanor Rigby was a popular song from the Revolver by Paul McCartney. It tells the story of a lonely woman who lived alone and apparently had no friends. According to Sir Paul, he found a gravestone with the name Eleanor Rigby at St. Peter’s Parish Church in Liverpool. In a separate interview he said that the song was about a woman he knew and occasionally ran errands for. The statue of Eleanor Rigby by Tommy Steele depicts her sitting alone on a bench with a handbag and shopping bag. Other bronze items you will see are a Liverpool newspaper and a sparrow resting upon it.

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George Harrison Birthplace

12 Arnold Grove
Liverpool L15 8HP, UK

Another important stop on Liverpool’s Magical Mystery Tour is George Harrison’s birthplace. In fact, it’s one of the places where you can get off the bus to take pictures. A charming, two-level terrace home, Harrison was born here on February 25, 1943. Because it’s about three miles from city center, your best bet to see this home is via a tour. Alternatively, you can take a cab, Uber or public bus such as route 79. However, your best public transportation option is taking Merseyrail’s Lime Street line to Wavertree Technology Park station. From there, it’s a .7 mile walk to 12 Arnold Grove.

John Lennon Childhood Home

251 Menlove Ave.
Liverpool, L25 7SA, UK
+44 (0)3442491895

Also known as Mendips, 251 Menlove Avenue is the second of two childhood homes of John Lennon. However, Mendips is far more important as it was Lennon’s home for nearly 20 years. Indeed, it was during his time here that he formed the Quarrymen, the skiffle group that was the precursor to the Beatles. Only the National Trust, which owns Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road, can offer tours inside these historic homes. Of course, city tour operators like Magical Mystery Tour and Liverpool City Sights pass by but do not make a stop. Incidentally, just .4 miles from Mendips is Strawberry Field, the former Salvation Army children’s home.

Liverpool Beatles Museum

23 Matthew St.
Liverpool, L2 6RR, UK
+44 151 236 1337

Just a stone’s throw from the Cavern Club is one museum you should not miss. After all, the Liverpool Beatles Museum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of Beatles memorabilia. What’s more, the museum has a Beatles connection as the museum’s owner is related to original Beatles drummer Pete Best. At this museum, you can see Beatles memorabilia in several permanent exhibits across three levels. Among the artifacts you can see are the medals worn by John Lennon for the Sgt. Pepper album cover and a rare George Harrison Futurama guitar. You can plan ahead by booking your tickets in advance via the online ticketing system.

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The Penny Lane street sign is among the Beatles attractions in Liverpool
Penny Lane Sign (credit: Randy Yagi)

Penny Lane

Greenbank Road
Liverpool L18 1HQ, UK

If this is your first visit to Liverpool, one spot that you will want to see as a Beatles fan is Penny Lane. A roadway that’s equally as famous as Abbey Road, the Beatles put Penny Lane on the world map with this 1967 hit single. Be that as it may, while some of the Penny Lane music video shows some local spots, there were other film locations, including on Angel Lane in Stratford, London.

How To Visit Penny Lane

The easiest way to see the famous Penny Lane sign is with the Magical Mystery Tour or Liverpool City Sights. That’s not to mention other Liverpool tour operators like Fab Four Taxi Tours and Mad Day Out Beatles Taxi Tours. On the other hand, you might want to take a longer look at Penny Lane, as it is a particularly interesting part of the city. This can include a stop at the famous barber shop, now known as Tony Slavin’s. That’s not to mention the famous John Lennon statue near the Penny Lane B&B. If that’s the case, you can take a city bus, the Lime Street train, taxi or rideshare. For the Lime Street train stop, you can deboard at Mossley Hill and walk .6 miles.

Ringo Starr’s Home

10 Admiral Grove
Liverpool L8 8BH, UK

Now under private ownership, 10 Admiral Grove was not Richard Starkey’s first home. That distinction goes to 9 Madryn Street, a short walk away. On the other hand, Admiral Grove was where he spent a significant time while living in Liverpool. In fact, within the walls of this terrace home, he taught himself how to play the drums. You can see Ringo’s former home on the Magical Mystery Tour although the stop is brief. Additionally, you can take private tours, like Fab Four Taxi, Mad Day Out, Pool of Life and Paul Beesley. That’s not to mention taking a city bus like route 76 from Liverpool One. By the way, you can also see the Ringo Starr mural at the Empress Pub, on the corner of Admiral Grove and High Park Street. Lastly, 9 Madryn Street is a bit farther from the mural.

St. Peter’s Church, Woolton

Church Road
Liverpool L25 5JF, UK
+44 151 428 6810

A handful of Liverpool attractions can lay claim as the “birthplace of the Beatles”. This includes Forthlin Road, Casbah Coffee Club and of course, the Cavern Club. However, St. Peter’s in Woolton ranks right up with these others about where it all really began. In some detail, this spot is where Paul McCartney first met John Lennon, on July 6, 1957. At that time, John Lennon was performing with the Quarrymen as part of a Rose Queen festival. It wasn’t long after that Paul became of a member of this young skiffle group. There is a sign on a wall at the church that marks this monumental event in 1957. In addition, St. Peter’s has a few other Beatles connections. Most Liverpool tour operators makes a stop at St. Peters, but you should check with each for your length of visit.

Eleanor Rigby Gravesite

If you can extend your visit to St. Peter’s, make sure to visit Eleanor Rigby’s gravestone. You can find the gravestone two rows from the street on the left side of the church. Eleanor Rigby, who died in 1939, worked at Liverpool City Hospital and was the wife of Thomas Woods. Another point of interest just steps away, is the gravestone of Martha McKenzie, the wife of (Father) John McKenzie. In addition, John Lennon’s uncle George Toogood Smith is buried at St. Peter’s.

The famous gate entrance to Strawberry Field in Liverpool
Strawberry Field Gate (credit: Randy Yagi)

Strawberry Field

Beaconsfield Road
Liverpool, L25 6EJ, UK
+44 151 252 6130

Yet another Liverpool attraction you’ll want to see as a Beatles fan is Strawberry Field. Made internationally famous by its namesake song, Strawberry Field was a Salvation Army children’s home until 2005. Still under the ownership of the Salvation Army, the property now serves as a tourist destination and education center. The Magical Mystery Tour and Liverpool City Sights both make brief stops in front of this important destination. However, this is another prominent spot where you may want to lengthen your stay. That’s because not only will you have time to walk about the gardens, but also see John Lennon’s Imagine piano. On loan from the estate of the late George Michael, this upright Steinway was used to compose “Imagine”.

The Beatles Story

Britannia Vaults, Royal Albert Dock
Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 4AD

Occupying a section of the historic Royal Albert Dock is the Beatles Story. One of the Liverpool’s top attractions, it houses the world’s largest permanent collection pertaining to the Fab Four. Inside you will find authentic artifacts, such as George Harrison’s first guitar and John Lennon’s orange spectacles. In addition, you can see recreations of the original Cavern Club and the room where John Lennon made his “Imagine” music video. That’s not to mention replicas of the Sgt. Pepper uniforms and authentic instruments from the Quarrymen. Also onsite are the Fab4 Café, Fab4 Store and the family friendly Discovery Zone interactive space.

The Beatles Statues

One of the newest Beatles attractions in Liverpool is the Beatles Statue (cover photo) overlooking the River Mersey. An instant tourist destination the moment it was unveiled in 2015, it has a prominent spot near the Royal Liver Building at the Pier Head. The Beatles Statue is approximately a 10-minute walk from The Beatles Story. Alongside the entrance to the Beatles Story is where you can meet the Magical Mystery Tour, Beatles Explorer or Liverpool City Sights.

The Cavern Club

10 Matthew St.
Liverpool L2 6RE, UK
+44 151 236 9091

The center of Liverpool’s universe for Beatles fans is quite simply, the Cavern Club. Known as the world’s most famous club, it’s hard to argue against it. Initially opened in 1957 as a jazz club, it’s the iconic venue where the Beatles performed nearly 300 times. If that’s not enough, many other famous acts have made appearances here. For instance, the Rolling Stones, Cilla Black, the Yardbirds, the Who and Elton John have made stops here. What’s more, there is a statue of Cilla Black outside the original main entrance. For many first time visitors to Liverpool, the Cavern Club may be the first local attraction to see.

Cavern Club Today

With an incredible contribution to music history, it’s hard to explain why the original club was not made a historical landmark. Yet, unfortunately, the original buildings housing it were demolished to make way for an underground rail line. Zoom several years forward and you will not be disappointed with the new version next door to the original. Today, the Cavern Club has two stages, along with a separate pub and restaurant. Of course, live music is held daily and you can see all sorts of memorabilia on the walls. Just across from the club is the Liverpool Wall of Fame and a statute of John Lennon. In summary, the Cavern Club may be the single most important Beatles attraction for you to see in Liverpool.

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More Liverpool Attractions With A Beatles Connection

A Case History
Sculptures also known as the Hope Street Suitcases, with Beatles case
Hope St. Liverpool L1 9BQ

Abbey Road Mural
Stanhope and Grafton Streets
Liverpool L8 5XJ

British Music Experience
Cunard Building
Liverpool L3 1DS, UK

Museum chronicling the history of British music from the 1940s to present day. A very short walk from the Beatles Statue. Feel free to add this as part of your Beatles attractions in Liverpool.

Epstein House
27 Anfield Road
Liverpool L4 0TF

Hotel and guesthouse that was the former residence of Brian Epstein’s grandparents. Largest collection of Brian Epstein artifacts aside from the Epstein family.

Lime Street Station
Lime St.
Liverpool L1 1JD, UK

World’s oldest grand terminal station still in operation and the Beatles point of departure in “A Hard Day’s Night”. However, the filming actually took place at the Marylebone station in London. Oddly enough, in that movie, the Beatles arrive in London from their trip from Liverpool.

Ringo Starr Mural
93 High St.
Liverpool L8 3UF, UK

Sefton Park Bandstand – Possibly the inspiration for the creation of the song “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.
Sefton Park
Liverpool L7, UK

Yellow Submarine Sculpture
Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Speke Hall Ave.
Speke, Liverpool L24 1YD, UK

51 foot long and 15 feet high sculpture of the Yellow Submarine from the namesake song and film. Unless you flying in or out from Liverpool, you might have to skip this Beatles attraction.

Famous Liverpool Pubs

The Grapes
25 Matthew St.
Liverpool L2 6RE, UK

Famous Beatles hangout just a one minute walk from the Cavern Club. Because the Cavern Club did not sell alcohol the Fab Four would stop here for a drink.

The Jacaranda
21-23 Slater St.
Liverpool L1 4BW, UK

An early music venue when the band was known as the Silver Beetles. John Lennon wrote the Beatles song “One After 909” at the Jacaranda.

The Philharmonic Dining Rooms
36 Hope St.
Liverpool L1 9BX, UK

One of John Lennon’s favorite bars. Paul McCartney made a surprise appearance here with James Corden.

White Star
2-4 Rainford Gardens
Liverpool L2 6PT, UK

Famous Victorian pub that was a popular gathering spot for the Beatles. This is the spot where the Beatles would receive their pay for their live performances. There is a plaque bearing the names of the Beatles where they sat at the pub. The White Star gets its name from the famous British shipping line that built the Titanic.

Beatles Childhood Schools

Liverpool College of Art
68 Hope St.
Liverpool L1 7AY, UK

In 1957, John Lennon was a student at this art college. Not far away was George Harrison and Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute High School for Boys.

Liverpool Institute High School for Boys
Mount St.
Liverpool L1 9HF, UK

High school for 80 years. Is now the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). Most local tour operators will drive past these Beatles attractions.

Beatles Hotel

Hard Day’s Night Hotel
Central Buildings
N. John St.
Liverpool L2 644, UK
+44 151 236 1964

The world’s only hotel with a Beatles theme. Each of the rooms, dining spots and public spaces feature Beatles art. Current specials includes a Magical Mystery Package. Just around the corner from the Cavern Club. If you visit, make sure to also see the Beatles statues on the exterior of the hotel.

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