Do you think you might be a travel addict? You might be, if you sometimes display signs of wanderlust withdrawals. But what are signs of a classic travel addict? See if you have some of those symptoms if you haven’t traveled for a while. If you have at least half of these 20 signs, you probably are! Happy traveling!

Here are 20 signs that might indicate you’re a travel addict!

1. You can’t stop thinking about when you’ll embark on the next trip.  Because you can’t stop thinking about it, you will oftentimes wake up in the middle of the night and say. “Is it today?”

2. You already have a suitcase or duffel bag filled with clothes This is in the event you are invited on a last-minute trip. In fact, sometimes you’ll even ask your friends if they are planning a trip you. If that’s the case, you’ll invite yourself and suggest reasons why your friends would benefit from having you tag along.

3. You are considered an expert in packing the largest amounts of items in the least amount of space. Occasionally your travel addict friends will call or email you and ask about which bag or backpack you use.

4. You have refrigerator magnets and keychains from all over the world. But you think your personal collection of souvenirs is lacking and desperately need more.

5. You have stacks of travel magazines. In each of the magazines, there are post it notes inserted. This is to remind you of the next possible trip.

6. You collect foreign coins. This is even though much of may already be worthless.

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7. You are getting signs of carpal tunnel syndrome from using your smartphone too much. You’re also viewing too many travel websites and writing too many travel blogs. You have carpal tunnel in the other hand from tapping your hand incessantly while waiting to go on your next trip.

8. You write emails to domestic and international tourist information centers for brochures and literature. This adds to an ever-growing collection that you take great pride in. Many of your more prized brochures are encased in a frame and proudly displayed on walls in your home.

9. Your passport doesn’t have spare pages to place a new stamp from an international country. The customs inspector will also take a tad longer to ask you questions about your travel plans.

10. You have 10 pairs of favorite traveling shoes. All of them are completely worn out.

11. You spend hours online to find the best travel options. When you are ready for bed, you will often pitch a tent and camp outside your home. This is to offset your travel withdrawals.

12. Your Hosteling International guide is completely worn out. So bad that it has to be replaced every 6 months from overuse.

13. You have a large supply of 4 oz. tubes of Burt’s Bees natural toothpaste. This is just in case you decide to go on another year-long globetrotting trip!

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14. You are a blogger for many travel websites. You even have one of your own travel sites and contribute a blog or article on travel several times a week.

15. When you travel to Paris, you don’t bother going seeing the Eiffel Tower. You won’t bother seeing Notre Dame or the Louvre Museum either. As a travel addict, you’ve been there, done that way too many times.

16. Your friends have suggested you take up a new hobby. This would force you to stay at home more often.

17. You have an enormous section of bookmarks of travel related websites on your browser. That is what travel addicts do!

18. You know you are a travel addict because you don’t really need the GPS on your smartphone. You always know where you are at and where you are going.

19. You are the first online for reservations to a National Park. Whether it’s Yosemite and Yellowstone or Isle Royal and Dry Tortugas, you’re always ready to go.

20. You know and understand every single subway line in New York City, Paris and London. For cities you haven’t yet visited, you will have no problem figuring out the mass transit system.

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Randy Yagi is an award-winning freelance writer who served as the National Travel Writer for CBS Local from 2012-2019. More than 900 of his stories still appear in syndication across 23 CBS Local websites, including CBS New York, CBS Los Angeles and CBS Chicago. His other stories have appeared in the Daily Meal,, CBS Radio, Engadget and He is a Media Fellow of Stanford University.