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One of the biggest highlights of my recent trip to Chicago was dining at Michelin star restaurant Temporis, After all, Temporis is just one of only 23 restaurants in Chicago to hold this coveted distinction. What’s more, I knew going in that Chef Troy Jorge would create some of the most beautiful dishes I’ve ever seen. That’s because this elite chef and I follow each other on Instagram. As a result, I’ve seen quite a number of his masterful creations on his and the restaurant’s social media pages. With this in mind, please take a look at some of his most dazzling expressions of contemporary American cuisine. By the same token, you can see what you can expect from a Michelin star restaurant in Chicago.


933 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL  60622
(773) 697-4961

Seasonal Tasting Menu $195, Wine Pairing $115, $175, $325, Sprit Free Pairing $75

Chef Troy’s current seasonal tasting menu features 10 extraordinary dishes that push the boundaries of creation and taste. However, Chef Troy took my culinary experience at Temporis an even higher level, with not 10, but 13 dishes. That’s not to mention the complimentary wine pairing and some noticeable upgraded ingredients. Be that as it may, there is no doubt your dishes will be just as enticing as any of mine. In light of this, I’ll try to focus on items that appear on the current menu. On the other hand, there are a few that deserve additional merit. As much as this tasting menu will exceed your expectations, please know that a new seasonal tasting menu may appear very soon. Despite this, you will not be disappointed.


Chef Troy kickstarts off your immersive Chicago Michelin star experience with a trio of canapés, in addition to a vial of hibiscus tea. Although my items were slightly different, you can expect a delicious morsel of wagyu wonton along with premium Osetra caviar. The hibiscus tea also had an intriguing presentation, with a chemistry lab-like vial supported from a metal stand and stone base. By all means, consider pairing these bite-sized gourmet items with the superb champagne blend from Champagne Louis Nicaise. Similarly, you can always check with the sommelier for any of your wine selections, whether you like elegant, opulent etc.

Foie Gras

There is very good chance that you have never tried foie gras such as this. In this case, you’ll have a delicate foie gras parfait that’s served inside of an eggshell. For this reason, you’ll have to be careful when placing your spoon through this delectable treat. Once you get past the thin blueberry powder, enjoy the incredible flavors of blueberry, granola and Yuzu fruit. There is no doubt that you’ll agree that it’s superb. In fact, it’s one of the more memorable highlights of this evening full of gourmet surprises.


One dish that wasn’t on the seasonal menu but worthy of mentioning is Chef Troy’s Caviar. Indicative of the Michelin star quality of the cuisine, Caviar is a tantalizing variation of the Vietnamese dessert Chè chuối. Remarkably tasty and inventive, it’s a gourmet soup with Thai banana, tapioca, lime gel and splashes of coconut cream. It’s also coupled with a miso banana bread crouton, edible floral accents and of course, your caviar. Lastly it features a dash of chili oil, contributing to its savory edge. Caviar can be paired with Bourgogne-Aligoté, a white wine from the Bourgogne appellate region in France.


Although each item is as delicious as it’s delightful, I’m hopeful that Tomato or its variation will appear in the next tasting menu. That’s because of its vividly colorful presentation along with an item that bursts with natural flavors. This offering is a yellow tomato gazpacho with a flavorful brioche, cucumbers and basil. On the other hand, it’s a supremely elevated version, precision crafted inside a lowball cocktail glass. Tomato pairs exceptionally well with the sweet, golden colored Kracher wine from Burgenland, Austria.


The simplicity of its name belies its true intentions. Indeed, corn is truly one of the Chef Troy’s signature dishes. Indeed, it’s so enticing, it’s the first dish lauded in the Michelin Guide’s Point of View in the section on Temporis. A very playful take on an American staple, your star chef will bring out this dish with a lather of butter amid sprinkles of Espelette pepper. But the proverbial icing on the cake is when the chef grates a generous amount of black summer truffle. Lastly, don’t forget to sample the husk as it’s deliciously edible as well.

Basil (Mousse)

The last of the 10 items from the seasonal tasting menu, but certainly not the least is the Basil dessert. Although Chef Troy came out with one last surprise dessert, Basil stood out among the dessert creations. A decadently delicious finale, Basil has dark chocolate, black mint, Meyer lemon gelée and chocolate crumbs. That’s to say nothing of the finely placed basil leaves and additional accents. After it’s brought to your table, the chef or your server will then pour warm dark chocolate across a portion of this delicacy. This lofty grand finale is another example of why Temporis has consistently been awarded a Michelin star in Chicago. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if a second Michelin star is eventually bestowed upon Temporis restaurant. After all, Chef Troy’s cooking is by all means, certainly worth a detour and maybe even a special journey. He is truly a master of gastronomy and someone worthy of further accolades.

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