Historic Wooden Roller Coasters To Ride On National Roller Coaster Day

Riders on the Wild One roller coaster at Six Flags America near Washington D.C.

If you love thrill rides, then you might know that National Roller Coaster Day is coming up soon on Monday August 16. Held annually, the event commemorates the opening of America’s first loop-the-loop coaster designed by Edwin Prescott in 1898.  This year, several amusement parks across the country will mark the occasion with discounts, gifts […]

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10 Suggested Carousels To Ride On National Carousel Day

Adult couple on a merry-go-round (credit: Sept Commericial/Unsplash)

With National Carousel Day fast approaching, wouldn’t it be fun to ride one of America’s most treasured carousels? After all, Americans have had a long relationship with amusement rides and many classic merry-go-rounds are still in operation! What’s more, since this special day only comes once a year and some attractions might be free or […]

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Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco: Five Top Hotel Recommendations

Visitors that come to San Francisco tend to stay at hotels in two distinct areas. One is Union Square, home to the theater district and high end retail stores. The other is of course, the Fisherman’s Wharf area, essentially a must-see spot for many local attractions. Although some residents and travelers will say Fisherman’s Wharf […]

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America’s 15 Best Seaside Boardwalks

Coney Island boardwalk at dusk

When you think of a boardwalk, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? In brief, it’s probably a picturesque beachside community often accompanied by a family friendly amusement park. Of course, that’s why coastal cities rank among America’s top destinations in the summer. In light of this, it’s not too late to start planning […]

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Getting Around Honolulu/Waikiki Without A Rental Car

3 Friends at the Waikiki Wall (credit: HTA/Blake Bronstad)

With sun kissed beaches and dramatic vistas, Honolulu is among the hottest vacation destinations this summer. But in case you haven’t been watching the news, Hawaii is experiencing a car rental apocalypse. In fact, rental cars are so high, some visitors have resorted to renting U-Haul vehicles to save costs. So, should you pay for […]

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How To Take Alternative Transportation In San Francisco This Summer

SF Streetcar and Cyclist on Market Street San Francisco

You’re planning a trip to San Francisco but are you also getting a rental car for transportation? Maybe you should think about the costs. After all, rental car prices are through the roof, even without a sunroof. What’s more, local gas prices are among the highest in the nation. This is also not to mention […]

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How To Get Around Seattle Without A Rental Car

Seattle Center Monorail

If you’re planning to visit Seattle this summer, you might want to consider alternate forms of transportation. While a car is the quickest and easiest way to get around, car rental prices are higher than ever. What’s more, rideshare prices are also up and public parking spaces can sometimes be at a premium. Fortunately, the […]

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Rare Cars You Can See In Museums Across America

Stainless Steel Cars

If you’re a car enthusiast, it’s likely you’re planning to visit an auto show or museum this summer. Whether it’s a sleek roadster or vintage Chevy, automotive museums have a little something for everybody. But are you interested in seeing some of the rarest and most valuable cars ever made? Here is a look at […]

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Seven Best Family Friendly Attractions In Indianapolis

Dinosaur statues outside the family friendly Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Are you taking a family vacation this summer to Indianapolis? If so, you’ll have a wealth of fun things to see and do with the fam. From the world’s largest children’s museum to the most famous racetrack, Indy really has it all for an amazing summer vacation. In fact, there are so many family attractions, […]

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