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About Randy Yagi

Randy Yagi is the owner of TrendingTravel.org. He is an award-winning travel writer who served as the National Travel Writer for CBS Local from 2012-2019. However, he now writes exclusively for his travel blog, TrendingTravel.org  On the other hand, more than 900 of his travel stories still appear in syndication across 23 CBS websites. For instance, you can still read his travel stories on CBS New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. Even further, you can find his stories on CBS Seattle, Detroit, Houston, Dallas and Atlanta. Of course, he’s also on CBS DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Tampa, Miami and Cleveland.

Digital Media

In addition to a degree in Economics from San Jose State University, he has degrees in Digital Media and Liberal Studies. However, his breakthrough was his work at Stanford University. While he was the Silicon Valley rep for Examiner.com and Sr. staff writer for Milpages, he earned a Media Fellowship at Stanford. During his residence at Stanford, he stayed at the Stanford Faculty Club and had his own office on campus. If that’s not enough, he was also given a very generous stipend to offset his expenses during his tenure. Indeed, it was his work with Examiner.com and the military website for veterans that secured the media fellowship.

Natchez Democrat Story

Excerpt from a November 2017 story in the Natchez, Mississippi Democrat:

“Few people in Natchez know Randy Yagi.

Thanks to the west coast travel writer, now millions of people may know more about Natchez.

Yagi’s article reporting from his three-day trip to Natchez is being seen in San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and 20 other CBS outlets across the country.

The exposure is just what Natchez needs, public relations expert Lou Hammond told the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Council Monday.

‘One man, three days, 23 outlets with a reach of 489 million people’,. Hammond said. “That is the power of syndication.”

Read the Natchez Democrat story:

Former Syndicated National Travel Writer for CBS

During his peak years with CBS, Randy had a reported digital audience reach of 489 million and 5.5 million monthly visitors. Additionally, his stories have appeared in the Daily Meal, CBS Radio, CBS News, Engadget, OWC.com and Radio.com. He is a Media Fellow of Stanford University.

Examples Of His Work With CBS

CBS New York

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Yale University Library


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TrendingTravel.org has a growing audience and now setting monthly visitor average highs. Moreover, the readership numbers are rising by the month. Equally important is his TrendingTravel.org web ranking, which has been steadily rising since September 2021. Coupled with a rise in page authority, he’s moving in the right direction with SEO. That’s due to having contributed to over 1,000 hours of SEO fine-tuning. Coupled with his writings and ongoing social media work, it’s a full time position.