Steve Levine knows that bipolar ionization might not be a household term. But as the coronavirus continues to surge, this indispensable technology is rapidly gaining notice. Used in air purification products, bipolar ionization has actually been around for several years. However, more and more hotels, entertainment venues and airports are installing commercial products to retain customer confidence. One of the leaders in bipolar ionization technology is Connecticut-based AtmosAir Solutions.

Q&A With AtmosAir Solutions CEO Steve Levine

To get a better understanding of how this technology works CEO Steve Levine took time away from his very busy schedule. Here is what he had to say about his bipolar ionization technology.

How has Atmos Air Solutions contributed in restoring consumer confidence in the travel industry?

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on the travel industry. American’s are rightfully concerned about traveling domestically, and because of restrictions, they can no longer travel internationally.

I saw a recent Azurite Consulting poll that said 38 percent won’t fly domestically and 25 percent say they’ll never cruise again. From cruise ships, to hotels and casinos, and from airports to airlines, the industry will need to convince the public that they will be safe when they travel.

Bipolar Technology

Our patented bipolar ionization technology was proven by Microchem Laboratory. In detail, it’s one of the world’s preeminent laboratories for testing EPA and FDA registered sanitizing products. What’s more it’s 99% effective in neutralizing coronavirus in the air and on surfaces.

Wellness & Safety A Top Priority

If we are ever going to regain trust and convince people it’s safe to travel, the industry will need to turn to technologies like ours to assure the potential traveler it’s okay to stay in a hotel. Indeed, even travel on an airplane or go to a casino. In fact, I think our bipolar ionization HVAC devices provide the public with some assurance and confidence that their wellness and safety is priority No. 1 in the travel industry. – Steve Levine

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AtmosAir Solutions hotel door hanger for its bi-polar ionization - Steve Levine CEO
Hotel Door Hanger (credit: AtmosAir Solutions)

What is BPI and how long has it around?

Bipolar ionization technology dates back to the 1900s. In fact, even Albert Einstein was seeking fresh air solutions for his sister who suffered from tuberculosis. Today, this technology is in HVAC systems as a clear air device.

How It Works

Bipolar ionization technology releases charged ions into the air that attach to and deactivate harmful substances. For example, like bacteria, mold, allergens, and viruses. And just recently, our BPI technology was laboratory proven to neutralize coronavirus.

The devices also improve energy conservation and significantly reduces HVAC maintenance in commercial and residential buildings. What’s more there are no filters to change or collector cells to clean.


We’ve also created a monitoring system, AtmosAware, that measures and validates indoor air quality in a real time. AtmosAware simplifies and supports building operations and facility management. It can be installed easily  for any new or existing interior, such as offices, hotels, retail spaces, real estate, hospitals, and schools, to effectively ensure the health, well-being, and performance of all occupants. – Steve Levine

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Color graphic of AtmosAir Solutions' bi-polar ionization process
Color graphic of AtmosAir Solutions’ bi-polar ionization process (credit: AtmosAir Solutions)

Can you explain in general terms how bipolar ionization works?

Bipolar indoor air quality technology is a proven line of defense against various viruses, including coronavirus.

What These Devices Do

These devices, easily installed in building HVAC systems, emit ions that act like the old Pac-Man game, “eating-up” viruses and germs and disinfecting the air without the use of chemicals. The ions basically destroy the surface layer of a virus like COVID-19 and effectively mitigate the virus on contact.

Unlike common cleansers and wipes that sanitize surfaces momentarily, bipolar devices sanitize air and surfaces 24/7. Additionally, bipolar devices take dust and spores out of the air where we breathe, and breaks down unpleasant odors and gasses.

Who are your current BPI clients?

We have dozens of clients in the travel industry.  

Selected Hilton, Loews, Kimpton, Doubletree and Gaylord hotels, the Dominick Hotel in New York, Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC, the Bath Club in Miami Beach, Station Casinos in Nevada and California. Additional clients include Revel Casino in Atlantic City, the Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia, the Seminole Hard Rock (Guitar) Hotel & Casino in Tampa use BPI technology. What’s more, in the entertainment industry, there are clients like Little Caesars Arena, TD Garden, Staples Center and Bridgestone Arena.

Airport Clients

Among airports, Los Angeles International (LAX), Charlotte, Chicago/O’Hare, New York/LaGuardia, Minneapolis, San Francisco (SF)), Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis and Anchorage have installed BPI devices to keep passengers, airline employees and airport workers healthy.

Cruise Industry Clients

In the cruise industry, Virgin Voyages and Carnival Cruise Line have both  installed bipolar ionization on its ships. Virgin’s newest ship, The Scarlet Lady, has BPI installed throughout the entire ship providing a new wellness and safety feature for passengers. The Valiant Lady, which will debut in May 2021, will also feature BPI throughout the ship. – Steve Levine

What projects are currently in the works with Atmos Air Solutions?

We have a lot of interesting new possible customers in the pipeline. Clearly, it’s too early to name names, but I can tell you that COVID-19 has created tremendous interest in AtmosAir Solutions and our BPI technology.

The pandemic has caused a surge in inquiries and new orders that have caused our sales to soar five-fold. We’ve already exceeded this year’s original sales goal and we are now looking at surpassing last year’s revenue by 600-700 percent. – Steve Levine

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