The highly anticipated new season of the Expedia podcast “Out Travel The System” has finally launched. This means listeners can expect to enjoy more valuable travel advice from host Nisreene Atassi. “Out Travel The System” is an insightful podcast that features experts who discuss current trends and insider tips.

To learn more about the new season and its phenomenal host, Ms. Atassi took time away from her very busy schedule to answer a few questions. Here is what she had to say.

Q&A With Nisreene Atassi

1. Can you tell us a little about the Expedia’s podcast, “Out Travel The System”?

You can find more information by clicking the podcast link.

2. How many new episodes can listeners enjoy in the upcoming season?

We’re looking to release at least 12. Episodes will be available every two weeks.

3. Can you give us any clues about what special guests on “Out Travel The System”?

Well it’s no secret that we’ve got a ton of experts under the same roof here at Expedia that we try to tap. With this in mind, we’ll have lots of industry expertise giving listeners the inside scoop. But what makes our show so great is that we always try and balance our episodes with other experts. Indeed, this ensures we’ve got a well rounded POV on every topic. Moreover, we feature real travel stories and tips that listeners can use and relate to.

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4. Can you give readers any tips on what to expect when traveling this fall/winter?

Destinations are likely going to be bouncing in and out of lockdowns throughout the year. This means the most important tip is to book travel that is flexible! For the first time airlines and hotels are being really lenient with their cancellation policies, often times waiving change penalties. So if a traveler no longer feels comfortable flying, they can cancel for credit or change the date without paying a penalty.

Insider Tip

Just make sure you read the fine print to understand the policy and try and book a refundable hotel where you can, even if it means paying a little bit extra.

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5. Expedia has been doing an excellent job in quickly reimbursing travelers who weren’t able to travel due to COVID-19 including myself. Where have travelers been going this summer?

This has been the summer of staycations and road trips for sure! Travelers still want to get away and enjoy the summer but they’re definitely staying a little bit closer to home or taking road trips to nearby destinations. National and state parks have been super popular as travelers look to socially distance and enjoy the outdoors.

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6. As Global Sr. Director of Communications for, what other responsibilities are you taking on in view of the coronavirus pandemic?

When COVID first hit, I worked really closely with our customer communications team to ensure that we were helping customers better understand their options for cancellations and changes. And that’s something that I continue to play a role in today. It’s a really confusing time for travelers still, so making sure they are fully aware of all of the options available to them is really important.

7. Did you have any travel plans in the next 12 months?

I had planned on taking my 1 year-old baby to London, Paris and Cyprus to visit friends and family, but unfortunately that’s on hold for right now. This summer we’ve been focused on exploring our own backyard and the beautiful state of Washington and are looking to plan a few road trips for the Fall.

8. Having traveled so extensively, what’s left on your bucket list?

South America – I had a trip planned to Brazil a few years back that I had to cancel, so I’m determined to get down there soon!

Where To Find The “Out Travel The System” Podcast

Out Travel The System is available on all major distribution platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. It’s also available directly through Expedia Viewfinder. Additional information on Expedia and Out Travel The System can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Headshop of Ms. Nisreen Atassi, Global Sr. Director of Public Relations for Expedia
Nisreene Atassi (credit: Expedia)

About Nisreene Atassi

From Africa to the Middle East to Europe and South America, Nisreene Atassi (Nissy for short) spends both her professional and personal life living and breathing travel.

As the Global Head of Communications for Brand Expedia for the last several years, Nissy has found her one true happy place blending her passion for travel and storytelling as host of Out Travel The System, sharing the amazing travel stories she surfaces as well as the knowledge and findings she gets from the inner workings of the travel industry.

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