Just in time for the busy holiday season, Squaremouth travel insurance aggregator released its findings on travel trends. In detail, the travel insurance price comparison site showed four trends that will occur from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Furthermore, it’s clear that this year’s holiday travelers are taking more precautions than ever.

About Squaremouth

Squaremouth is America’s leading travel insurance comparison company. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Squaremouth has helped over 2 million travelers in saving time and money for travel insurance. Using a price comparison search engine, Squaremouth allows customers to compare and purchase the best travel insurance rates. To be more specific, the site compares 96 travel insurance policies from 22 providers, including John Hancock and Nationwide.

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Squaremouth Travel Trends For The 2021 Holiday Season

Covid-19 Remains A Top Concern

Covid-19 concerns have affected the booking behavior amongst domestic travelers. During this busy holiday season, 34 percent of visitors to Squaremouth.com are seeking Covid coverage for their trips. Indeed, spokesperson Megan Moncrief recently said that this is highest level ever documented through Squaremouth. The increase represents a 13 percent increase in Covid coverage from the previous holiday season.

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Travel Insurance Is In High Demand

Due to concerns about flight cancellations and Covid-19, travel insurance has surged this holiday season. To illustrate, Squaremouth reported a 300 percent increase in insured travelers through its site from last year. What’s more, the travel comparison site reported a 70 percent increase from 2019. It should be noted that the cost of travel has increased significantly since November 20.

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Top International Holiday Destination Is Mexico

Squaremouth top holiday and overall destination for 2021 is unsurprisingly, the US. However, it’s also not a surprise that Mexico is the second most popular destination for US travelers. In fact, Mexico was America’s top international destination for travel from January 1 to November 19. Additionally, the Bahamas is the second most popular international holiday destination, followed by Turks and Caicos and Dominican Republic. Although some European countries are slowing opening up its borders, all fall behind closer destinations.

Travelers Traveling Internationally Are Cautiously Confident

Before the pandemic, nearly 90 percent of holiday travel trips were to international destinations. However, even during this critical holiday season, many travelers will be headed to international destinations. The demand is so high that Squaremouth reports a 326 percent increase for holiday travel than the previous year.

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