Which prominent destination do you think is the most Instagrammed spot in the world? According to UK-based My Baggage, it’s not the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland or the Taj Mahal. Instead it’s the famed archipelagic state of the Maldives. Home to more than 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is well known for its stunning, turquoise-blue waters and high-end hotels. But what other destinations made the Top 20 List of most Instagrammed tourist spots? While the Golden Gate Bridge and Disneyland probably should have made this list, learn more about My Baggage’s worthwhile list of other famous Instagram hotspots.

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About My Baggage

Headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, My Baggage is a very popular delivery service founded by Paul Stewart in 2009. Formerly known as Uni Baggage, the company offers a highly rated door-to-door delivery service of luggage. Customers who use My Baggage include students, expats, travelers and sports teams. Although its clientele is primarily in the United Kingdom, My Baggage also offers efficient delivery services to more than 200 countries, including the United States.

About My Baggage’s Top 20 Most Instagrammed Locations

Travel experts from My Baggage, compiled a list of the world’s most Instagrammed tourist destinations. Reviewing Instagram hashtags, the team determined that the Maldives topped the list with 8.8 million hashtags. Coming in second was the Eiffel Tower with 6.5 million hashtags while Times Square came in third with 4.4 million hashtags. The country with the most Instagrammable spots in the Top 20 was the United States. In addition to Times Square, the U.S. had the Grand Canyon, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty on the list. Not surprisingly, the leading Instagrammable attraction in the UK was Big Ben. Yet the picturesque Tower Bridge was not far behind at 2.4 million hashtags.

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My Baggage Top 20 Most Instagrammed Tourist Locations

  1. Maldives 8.8M hashtags
  2. Eiffel Tower 6.5M hashtags
  3. Times Square 4.4M hashtags
  4. Grand Canyon 3.8M hashtags
  5. Brooklyn Bridge 3.3M hashtags
  6. Big Ben 3M hashtags
  7. Notre Dame 2.9M hashtags
  8. Empire State Building 2.9M hashtags
  9. Tower Bridge 2.4M hashtags
  10. Hyde Park 2.2M hashtags
  11. Sagrada Familia 2.1M hashtags
  12. Statue of Liberty 2M hashtags
  13. Machu Picchu 1.8M hashtags
  14. Colosseum 1.7M hashtags
  15. Taj Mahal 1.6M hashtags
  16. Angkor Wat 1.5M hashtags
  17. Harrods 1.5M hashtags
  18. Alhambra 1.5M hashtags
  19. Southbank 1.4M hashtags
  20. Petra 1.3M hashtags

Research and data correct as of 11/02/2020. Source Instagram.com (credit: My Baggage)

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