ROOH SF: World-Class Progressive Indian Cuisine

ROOH SF needs to be on your radar if you love Indian cuisine. In fact, it may be the hottest modern Indian restaurant in San Francisco today. Coupled with world-class chefs and attentive service, you will further enjoy the spirit (rooh) with its stellar bar menu and stylish décor. Lastly, it’s an excellent time to …

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Appetizers and Penta Tequila at ROOH SF

ROOH SF needs to be on your radar if you love Indian cuisine. In fact, it may be the hottest modern Indian restaurant in San Francisco today. Coupled with world-class chefs and attentive service, you will further enjoy the spirit (rooh) with its stellar bar menu and stylish décor. Lastly, it’s an excellent time to visit as ROOH SF is participating right now in the Spring SF Restaurant Week.


333 Brannan St. Ste. 150
San Francisco, CA  94107
(415) 525-4174

ROOH SF is a progressive Indian restaurant that’s clearly among San Francisco’s finest restaurants. Just minutes from Oracle Park, ROOH SF is a flagship property of Good Times Restaurant LLC, founded by tech entrepreneurs Vikram and Anu Bhambri. In the center of the state-of-the-art kitchen are two of America’s best Indian chefs. In fact, executive chef Sujan Sarkar was recently named Times Chef of the Year in India. Complimenting Chef Sujan is his brother and sous chef Pujan Sarkar, an exceptional talent in his own right. Together, the chefs helped earned the restaurant a listing in the San Francisco Michelin Guide.

What To Expect

At ROOH SF, you won’t find your most common traditional Indian dishes. To put it differently, the concept here is a blend of familiar Indian flavors with hints and notes of nourishing California cuisine. Indeed, finding herbs like cilantro or jackfruit tacos makes for a refreshing take on contemporary Indian cuisine. Moreover, each menu item is an intricate and colorful creation that will stimulate your senses. What’s more, the dishes here are inventive takes from all across India.

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ROOH SF owners Vikram and Anu Bhambri standing by the bar of their restaurant
Owners Vikram and Anu Bhambri (credit: Good Times Restaurants LLC)

About The Owners and Good Times Restaurants LLC

Vikram and Anu Bhambri are the enormously talented yet gracious spouses that lead Good Times Restaurant LLC. The couple began their professional careers in engineering and technology at Microsoft. While Vikram continues to serve as a tech executive, Anu followed her dream to become an enormously successful restaurant proprietor. In addition to be a co-owner with her husband, Anu is the COO of Good Times LLC. Today, they operate multiple modern Indian restaurants, including ROOH Palo Alto, Chicago and New Dehli and BAAR BARR in New York City.

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Sample Menu Items

Chili Cheese Kuchas

There are three shareables in current menu at ROOH SF. However, you may want to try the chili cheese kulchas ($12). A traditional Indian flatbread, kulcha is like naan but with slightly different ingredients. In this case, kulcha is made with maida white flour and naan uses wheat flour. Taking it a step further is this delicious Indian shareable with a fuse of Eastern Asian and Spanish ingredients. In further detail, mildly spicy Shishito peppers and strands of Manchego cheese top off your flatbread. Of course, if you want to try a different shareable, either the assorted papads & crisps ($15) or green pea & goat cheese kulcha ($18) are similarly outstanding.

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A beautiful dish of Cauliflower Koliwada, a popular Indian dish with a place setting and cloth napkin
Cauliflower Koliwada (credit: Good Times Restaurants LLC)

Cauliflower Koliwada

Koliwada is a spicy fried fish delicacy originating from the Marharashtra region that bears its name. Instead of fish, chefs present a dazzling cauliflower dish with dashes of lemon sour cream and peanut thecha. In like manner, the peppery thecha originates in Marharashtra. Found in the Small Plates section, cauliflower koliwada ($16) is among the most popular items on the menu. On the other hand, the masala jackfruit tacos ($18) are also ordered frequently. That’s not to mention the beautifully delicious dahi puri ($14) with avocado, tamarind and yogurt mousse.

Malai Romanesco

Malai is a cream that quite popular as a cooking ingredient in traditional Indian cuisine. The skimmed portion of boiled non-homogenized milk, you can find it in dishes like malai kofta dumplings. At ROOH SF, you can enjoy a delectable malai Romanesco (broccoli hybrid) $26. Found in the Large Plates section, it’s a colorfully marinated dish accompanied with Cumin yogurt gravy and rose. Another item you might like in the Large Plates section is tandoori artichoke ($28), with soya keema.

A beautiful bowl with handles of traditional Indian butter chicken at ROOH SF
Traditional Butter Chicken (credit: Good Times Restaurant LLC)

Traditional Butter Chicken

If you are having trouble selecting an entrée but desire something spicy, try the traditional butter chicken ($28). After all, it’s one of the most requested dishes and with tandoor chicken, it’s pure epicurean heaven. Yet, despite being “traditional”, it’s an enticing twist on murgh makhana. This entrée generously comes with smoke red papper makhni gravy and butter powder. You can complete this entree with a side order of saffron rice or naan. Savory accompaniments are further available like black dairy dal ($12) or chickpea curry ($10).

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Cashew Praline Cake

Although pralines have a French origin, it’s a popular confectionery in Indian restaurants. Typically made with sugar, nuts and vanilla, ROOH takes it much further. In this case, the chefs treat you with a delectable cashew cake with a layer of phirni mousse. Topping this traditional Diwali treat is a delicious oval of thaindai ice cream. If that’s not enough, you can the equally divine toasted rice tres leches ($15) or elaneer payasam ($14).

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Bar Selections

Not only does ROOH SF serve extraordinary progressive Indian cuisine it offers an outstanding beverage menu. For instance you can order finely crafted cocktails like Mumbai cooler ($16) and premium beer and wine. Among the wine selections you should consider are chardonnay and Stags Leap cabernet from Reynolds Family Winery. In addition are a wide selection of spirits, such as Bombay Sapphire gin ($11) Suntory vodka ($13) from Japan and 10-year-old Bacardi ($18). Don’t forget to browse the tequila/mezcal offerings, particularly the 100 percent blue agave selections from Penta Tequila. On balance are non-alcoholic beverages like still ($5) or sparkling water ($7), Coca-Cola ($5) and Sprite ($4). Likewise available are at this vibrant progressive Indian restaurant are crafted, alcohol-free drinks like Mombai Collins ($10),

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