Empty Streets around San Francisco City Hall
Empty Streets around San Francisco City Hall (photo courtesy of Facebook)

All across the country, local businesses are being forced into making difficult decisions as a result of the ongoing coronavirus situation. Do I lay off some of my most loyal employees or do I close my business altogether? Do I declare bankruptcy or try to hang on? With situations like this happening not just in the U.S. but all over the world, family owned businesses need your help more than ever. Although you might be limited in getting around your city, you can still make a difference by supporting your favorite restaurant or retail store by going online. And by doing so, you’re also doing that much more to support the local economy.

Food Delivery

If you have a favorite locally owned restaurant, trying contacting them directly to see if they are providing a food delivery service. . However, the most widely used method is to order online through a food delivery service, like Grubhub or UberEats. These companies are currently offering free delivery and special deals, like discounted subscriptions. Simply visit their website and enter your zip code to search for local businesses.

Check The Zipcode

For example, if you enter a Santa Cruz, California zip code, you will currently find locally owned restaurants like Charlie Hong Kong, Pleasure Pizza East Side Eatery and Roux Dat Cajun Creole. With more demand expected for delivery services in the coming weeks, DoorDash and others are offering delivery jobs, another benefit to the community.

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Buy Local Produce

Currently, farmers markets are still operating as an essential business in providing healthy, nutrient rich foods. This means by visiting a farmers market, you’ll not only be able to purchase the healthiest produce and other artisan goods, you’re also help support farmers, purveyors and other local businesses. Due to the coronavirus situation, food booths may not be available although foods prepared and packaged at off-site commercial kitchen should be. There are some caveats, of course, in visiting a farmers market, large or small.

Visit The Website of a Local Farmer

You can visit the website of a local farmer and find out if you can order directly from the source. Alternatively, you can find a business nearby that represents several farmers for artisan food deliveries, like Farm Fresh To You, Farmbox Direct and Farm to People, among others. If grocery stores are your only option, try purchasing items you known are grown or produced locally

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Online Retail Businesses

Like restaurants, many retail businesses are severely hampered by the coronavirus. Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store, online retailer or both, you can help local businesses get through this current situation. Although some are completely open, like pharmacies, grocery and hardware stores, other local businesses are in great need for community support. Take for instance retail clothing stores, who like restaurants, may be forced to close or are working with a skeleton crew under social distancing conditions.

Santa Cruz-Based WVN

This is happening right now to exceptional retailers like Santa Cruz-based WVN, who provide premium organic cotton clothing, while only using fair labor practices. While WVN has a small, walk-in store, it relies more heavily on online sales, direct through its official website or through providers like Amazon and QVC and at Whole Foods. With the current situation still uncertain, it’s all but likely there is a similar retail clothing business or more in your city that you can help support.

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Buy Gift Cards

With news of empty shelves at grocery and big box stores everywhere, it’s clear that basic necessities are in great demand. But you can also support local businesses by purchasing a gift card directly through its website, even if you don’t need anything for yourself. It also may be a good time to use a gift card as virtually every online retailer, like Synergy, are currently hosting sales at sometimes at more than 50 percent off.

Helps Senior Citizens

Perhaps most importantly, gift cards can also be very helpful to people in need, like senior citizens, who may need food and merchandise delivered to them. Additionally, some gift cards come with an added bonus, such as an extra $20 for purchasing a $100 gift card. After the purchase of a gift card, the value of the card can be delivered electronically via a special code. However, it’s very important not to share that code to others who might abuse the gift card.

Use Social Media To Promote Local Businesses

Whether you live in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, London, Mumbai or elsewhere, you can help local businesses through social media. Since more and more people are being forced to stay home, writing or sharing a positive review on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. should be an easy task. Moreover, it can influence readers to become potential new customers or just as easily, retain current ones.

Food Delivery Apps

Social media sites may also have a food delivery search option built into its app. You can also search through online review sites like Yelp for top rated local restaurants that offer a food delivery service. Either way, chances are you may be finding yourself more online. If that’s the case, take advantage of your time in a way that not only benefits yourself, but benefits friends, family and people in your community, or even beyond.

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