If you are thinking of studying languages abroad, perhaps England should be at or near the top of your list. The UK is home to some of the best and oldest universities in the world, and complimented by a prestigious group of talented instructors. England and its greatest city, London offers a culture rich in history and a multitude of activities to enjoy.  Here are the top 10 reasons to study languages in London, England!

The Parliament Building and Big Ben Clock - a Top 10 Reason to Study Abroad
The Parliament Building and Big Ben Clock (credit: Randy Yagi)

1. Experience Living in one of the Great Countries of the World

England is one of the most economically and culturally important countries in the world. If you attend college in London, you have a wide assortment of attractions to visit during your leisure time. There are several important structures worth seeing such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Kensington Palace. London also is the proud host to some of the most prestigious museums in the world, such as the British Museum and Tate Modern.

Tower of London
Tower of London (credit: Randy Yagi)

2. Learn More About the History of England

You will be able know more about the history simply by visiting some of the historical sites such as the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey and Baker Street. This magnificent city has a wealth of history whose prominence stretches thousands of years and fascinating attractions appear to be around practically every single corner.

Horizontal View of the Rosetta Stone, British Museum
Horizontal View of the Rosetta Stone, British Museum (credit: Randy Yagi)

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3. Improve your language skills

You have the unique opportunity to live in another country and study under some of the best professors in the world. Whether it’s English or another language, there’s no question you will have a high quality of education. This is also an opportunity to improve your study skills, as well as your self confidence.

Tuition Costs is a Top 10 Reason to Study Abroad - Photo of 50 Euro Bills
Euros (credit: Randy Yagi)

4. Tuition Costs

Tuition costs are very affordable and competitive with those from other countries such as the United States. In some cases, you may also be able to finish your program faster than you would in other countries. Still not convinced? Compare tuition costs from American universities to the top 10 universities in London, such as the London School of Economics, University College, Imperial College or King’s College. Of course, at the top of UK’s list of top 10 universities, Oxford and Cambridge are absolutely worth considering and just about an hour’s ride from London via public transport.

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Piccadilly Circus Lights at Dusk
Piccadilly Circus (credit: Randy Yagi)

5. Become More Independent

By traveling abroad. This might be your first extended venture away from home and by rediscovering yourself, you’ll not only make new friends from a different country, you are making new contacts and new friends that you may refer back to in your future career. After completing your studies, you might want to take that coveted, months long backpacking trip through Europe!

Friendly English Bobbies
Friendly English Bobbies (credit: Randy Yagi)

6. Improve on Employment Opportunities

Your chances are getting that dream job are enhanced by having an impressive academic record. Having studied abroad definitely looks nice on a resume. Imagine having a prestigious top ten university like University College London, Cambridge or Oxford on your curriculum vitae!

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge (credit: Randy Yagi)

7. Opportunity for Sightseeing in London

The aforementioned important structures are a must see in London, but there are plenty of other activities to enjoy such as the British Theatre, Piccadilly Circus, The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, the London Eye and even a walk across Abbey Road.

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Bath, England
Bath, England (credit: Randy Yagi)

8. Opportunity to Visit Other Cities in England or the British Isles: You can visit the birthplace of Shakespeare at Stratford-upon-Avon or even visit the ancient city of Bath, the birthplace of famed British novelist Jane Austen or even travel to Great Britain’s most important  Stonehenge, about 34 miles or 55 km away.

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Outside the Louvre Museum Paris: A chance to visit Paris is a top 10 reasons to study abroad
Louvre Museum Paris, (credit: Randy Yagi)

9. Opportunity to Visit other European Countries. By using England’s impressive railway system, you can travel under the English Channel via the Chunnel and visit Paris, Brussels or other parts of Europe in a matter of hours. Once you’re on the Continent, you can take a high speed train to most anywhere else you’d like to visit, whether it’s the canals of Amsterdam to the canals of Venice. the ability to visit other European countries is definitely a top 10 reason to study abroad!

Live Music at a Traditional English Pub may be at the list of Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad
Traditional English Pub (credit: Randy Yagi)

10. Enjoy Traditional English Food and Drink. A wonderful way to pass the time is by joining your fellow students in a traditional English pub and try out some tasty English treats.


Stonehenge (credit: Randy Yagi)




As you can see, if you decide to study languages in England, you are most guaranteed to have the time of your life and will have memories that you will never forget.

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About The Author:

Randy Yagi is an award-winning freelance writer who has covered national/international travel for CBS Local and all things San Francisco for CBS San Francisco. He is a Media Fellow of Stanford University and a member of the Freelance Council of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).

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